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Premier Packaging is the forward thinking provider for all of your packaging needs. From corrugated, warehouse solutions, design & engineering and packaging supplies including:

With an array of equipment options, you will be able to perform your tasks to the best of your ability. From strapping, stretch wrap, paper systems, or any other machinery, Premier will help you get the product you need. Plus, each month we will showcase a specific product that can help streamline your process even more!

We strive to bring our customers true value and grow YOUR bottom line. Our team of expert engineers and designers are equipped with the latest technology which allows us to meet your corrugated and foam fabricating requirements.


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In 2017, a unique collaborative blending of resources, talent and expertise formed MCI/Premier Packaging Group. With over 50 North American locations, together our teams can customize and design any type of returnable and expendable packaging product, provide innovative supplies and equipment, improve warehouse ow and productivity, and perform vendor managed inventory programs.

Our approach to business is to give our customers more than just a standard list of products and services. MCI/Premier Packaging Group will study every aspect of our customer’s program needs, improve the overall process, and cut costs.

We want to provide all of our prospects and customers world-class performance and allow them to spend their diversity dollars wisely.

Let’s work together to make your entire packaging process as cost-effective, unique, and efficient as possible. Give us a call today to discuss what we can do for you! 1-800-518-6305