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who we are

Creating lasting partnerships is our specialty

We’ve built our business on relationships. And through these relationships we have learned how to create the best packaging products on the market.

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We’re not old, and we’re not young, we like to think we’re just right

For over 20 years we have prided ourselves on learning the ins and outs of all things packaging. We are manufacturers, distributors, designers, problem-solvers, builders, and so much more. We’re not here to just sell you a product, but to understand your entire business model. Our natural curiosity leads us to solve issues and create lasting solutions for any or all of your packaging needs.

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We are prepared to exceed your expectations, so let’s get started.

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What he said, a word from our owner

‘We begin each day with the same excitement as we did on day one in 1994. We understand the value of our customers and give 100% on every opportunity we are awarded. We vow to be a partner, and a solutions provider in every situation.’
– John Gaynor, CEO

Are we located near you? Probably.

Our team is situated nationwide and beyond with teams ready to support your every need.

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