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Last month, Premier was honored when local news station WHAS11, asked us to be featured on their Born and Bred Great Day Live morning segment featuring leaders in the Louisville community. Louisville has always played an integral role in Premier Packaging’s business operations, growth, and partnerships. Of course, when we began here in 1994, we… Read more »

What is ERP?

Enterprise Resource Planning, ERP, is a business process management software that leverages integrated applications, automation, and back office functionality to improve workflow and knowledge share throughout the supply chain. So, it’s a software program, right? Yes, but as we quickly learned, this is much more than just “a” software program. In 2014 a team set… Read more »

Customer Service is About All of Us

As we all know, without a customer, there would not be business to execute. One of the key factors to the success of Premier Packaging over the past 20-plus years has been the determined effort around servicing our customers. In other words, customer service is not limited to the customer service team, but rather every… Read more »

Happy Holidays

It’s hard to believe we will wrap up 2016 in a matter of weeks. Without fail, the years continue to pass by faster and faster. So as we forge ahead into 2017 we wanted to pause and thank those who are most important – you. Our customers, partners, employees, cheerleaders, and mentors – Without you,… Read more »

Inner Packing – Paper vs. Inflatables

Paper or plastic? A question we are accustomed to hearing at the supermarket as to how we would like to transport groceries home. But what about in terms of a void fill solution? There have been many types of void fill materials used in the past, including loose fill/peanuts, bubble, newsprint, kraft paper, inflatables, die… Read more »

Understanding Quality Packaging

I have been in corrugated packaging for 17 years now. I still find myself inspecting boxes in a store and looking at the bottom flap cert stamp to see what company ran that box, just like I was doing in 1999 when I was an operator running a Flexo. What is quality packaging? How is… Read more »

A Solution for All

Food processors/manufactures and retailers are continuing to look for a better solution for multipacking of products. The food processors are looking for lower material costs, increasing throughputs and lowering labor costs. While the retailers like Costco and Sam’s Club are pushing for simplicity and increasing customer experience – looking for a decrease in unnecessary packing… Read more »

Space Concerns? Growth? It’s a Great Problem to Have!

  Every growing distribution company wants the same thing. To run lean, maximize space, reduce product drift and improve pick times. Premier Packaging’s bin box solution is a cost-effective way to accomplish this. The process is easy… – We Listen You tell us what it is that you are trying to accomplish and what improvements… Read more »

Plan to Deliver Value

Sales people are always asking me “how do I make the most of this appointment I just booked?” My answer is very simple… Plan to bring value to the experience. I fully understand that the term “bring value” is often easier to say than to do. I also understand that the easiest way to torpedo… Read more »

The Value of Great Customer Service

In business there may be only two real measurements: relationships and profits. This is why customer service is among the key criteria within the buying and selling process because it goes directly back to the purpose of business. It is a key measurement of business success. Most successful business people believe that customers will even pay some additional price in a… Read more »