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The Value of Great Customer Service

In business there may be only two real measurements: relationships and profits. This is why customer service is among the key criteria within the buying and selling process because it goes directly back to the purpose of business. It is a key measurement of business success. Most successful business people believe that customers will even pay some additional price in a… Read more »

Nally’s Barber Shop Gets New Lease on Life

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – November 9, 2015 – A local barber shop that has served the community of St. Matthews since 1950 will celebrate not only a restored sign but a new lease on life with an on-site ribbon cutting and reception this Friday, Nov. 13. Nally’s Barber Shop, located at 305 Wallace Ave., has been… Read more »

The Ins & Outs of Project Design

There are any number of questions to ask before beginning a successful design project. For instance, does the customer want a tweak or “fix” to existing packaging? Or is it a new package design for a new product? What factors are most important? A short list of these might include cost, aesthetics, ease of product… Read more »

Branding Through Your Poly Mailer

Poly Mailers: Branding your Product through the mail                                         Within the past couple decades there has been a strong change in the way we buy merchandise. Online shopping has become a very common practice among the general population, and if you’re a business trying to sell your product, it’s only logical that your shipping materials reflect… Read more »

Importance of a Complete Packaging Assessment

The world of distribution has been exploding in the past few years and there are no signs of it slowing down, thanks in part to the world of e-commerce. With growth and ever changing ideas/regulation, it is vital to keep your packaging up-to-date. That is only one part of what should be looked at, though…. Read more »

Bringing Value to Your Employees

Often, the value that companies try to offer their employees remains settled in the perks or the obvious components of their jobs. It’s true that we don’t put in 10 volunteer hours a day so pay, benefits, bonus potential and paid vacations are important, but this should not be how the value of your employer… Read more »

Brick and Mortar to E-Commerce

In the fast paced world that we live in, the world of e-commerce is exploding. It is simply easier, less expensive, and less time consuming to shop online now rather than in a traditional brick and mortar store. This consumer philosophy change has been one of the hardest challenges for retailers to handle. Major retailers like… Read more »

Bringing Value to the Customer

How does Premier bring value to our customers?  It starts with the first introductory meeting; it’s not about us, it’s about them.  We train our reps from day one that even prior to our introductory meetings, work needs to be done. We make sure we’ve done research on the customer to get a good understanding… Read more »

Premier’s Bed Race Debut!

As the first quarter ends I always say, as most do, gosh this year is flying by! The best part of winter ending for me, is golf season and the Kentucky Derby. It’s like Christmas day for me. This year, Premier got involved in the Derby Festival Bed Race event. I really had never attended… Read more »

What’s Your Safety Policy?

Premier Packaging and its employees fully integrate Occupational Safety and Health (O S & H) excellence into our business and related operations, planning and decision making to achieve superior health and safety performance. Simply stated: Safe production is our only standard! We manage our operations in accordance with our O S & H principles and beliefs,… Read more »