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Automated Order Entry

Depending on your needs there are a few types of automation when ordering products from a vendor that can be beneficial; here are two. 1. A web based portal where you may place an order, that order will then be processed in the vendors ERP system. The orders can be taken many steps further by providing… Read more »

Corrugated Printing Flexography

Frequently used for printing on plastic, foil, acetate film, brown paper, and other materials used in packaging, flexography uses flexible printing plates made of rubber or plastic. The inked plates with a slightly raised image are rotated on a cylinder which transfers the image to the substrate. Flexography uses fast-drying inks, is a high-speed print… Read more »

Saving Money on Packaging: Caution the Allure of the Bid

You are an industrial purchasing agent tasked with that all too familiar job of reducing your overall budget. Like most, you focus on your packaging spend. There is real savings potential in packaging but far too often packaging is linked to a commodity and thus carries the belief that new bids will result in an… Read more »

As the Year Ends

  As the year ends, we think about all the things we are thankful for and at Premier it is our valued customers and our wonderful employees. The effort our employees have put in keeping customer satisfaction number one is appreciated and is what makes us the best in the business. Most companies would love to… Read more »

Premier Packaging Named Healthiest Louisville Employer

We are excited to announce that Louisville Business First has named Premier Packaging the healthiest company in the 100-499 employee category. The Premier Wellness Plan that started in 2013 has encouraged our employees to maintain their weight and stay healthy. With challenges and weight-loss programs, Premier strives to create a fit and fun workplace. Congrats… Read more »

Making the Most of Your Meeting

In today’s nonstop world of emails, phone calls, text messages, meetings, conference calls, and the reality that many people wear multiple hats at their jobs, we at Premier Packaging work very hard to ensure our meetings are both efficient and effective. We are trained from day one to respect the time of others while at… Read more »

Saving Lives One Package at a Time

Medical/Pharmaceutical Packaging Saving Lives One Package at a Time…although this may be a bit extreme, having this mentality when dealing with Pharmaceutical/Medical packaging will work wonders for how you think, design and execute packaging specific to this industry. Unique opportunities often call for unique solutions and the medical industry is no different. Think about this,… Read more »

SMART Devices (then and now)

Remember when you relied on your landline phone or typewriter for communication? Or how about when you had a PC but you were still tied to your desk? It started with the fax machine, cell phone and pager, then came the PDA which eventually evolved into the smart phone. The first sort of smart phone… Read more »

What’s In A Name? The Premier Process

What exactly is a process?  Some companies call them standard operating procedures, the military refers to them as “Standing” operating procedures or SOP’s and yet others may refer to them simply as work instructions. All of these terms have been used inside the walls of Premier Packaging over the years. However, our new approach is… Read more »

“That’s Not What I Ordered!”

How many times have you or someone you know uttered those words after receiving a product? And how many Customer Service Reps and sales reps have heard those words from customers? Designers, CSRs and sales reps have the ability to circumvent these problems by properly communicating and educating themselves and their customers about the necessary… Read more »