Enterprise Resource Planning, ERP, is a business process management software that leverages integrated applications, automation, and back office functionality to improve workflow and knowledge share throughout the supply chain.

So, it’s a software program, right? Yes, but as we quickly learned, this is much more than just “a” software program.

In 2014 a team set out to determine what a new ERP system could mean to Premier Packaging.  We had reached a crossroad with our existing business system and knew a transition would be in our future. Our footprint was rapidly expanding and we wanted to improve our internal decision making and data transparency.  We came to the realization that it was time to partner with a world-class software company.  So the journey began.

We diligently outlined our processes and goals to form an ideal “future state.”  Armed with this pre-work we began evaluating sales presentations from the best of the best in the software development space.

We had done our due diligence, and by 2015 selected EPICOR E10 as our path forward launching Epicor education.  Throughout 2016 we continued our education, established our design, and evaluated proof of concepts.

It’s now February and we are in the eye of the storm. We are validating our new system every day.  We will soon launch subject matter expert end-to-end sessions and company-wide user training.  We will all walk together and “go live” in 2017. Epicor will provide us a platform for continued growth and scalability, thereby laying the groundwork for a successful future.

Here are five reasons we believe this solution will benefit the operations of Premier Packaging:

  • The opportunity for internal collaboration will help our growing team maintain efficiencies.
  • Epicor will provide the flexibility we will require as we move into new areas and potential product lines.
  • As a company, we pride ourselves on being agile and responsive. The Epicor tools allow us to continue to execute in that manner.
  • Epicor offered the simplicity that we believe will help our operations without over-engineering.
  • Our team is constantly on the go and our software should be able to support at all times.

As you can see in this brief overview, we are excited about the implementation of this new platform. Or is it just a software program?  Either way, we believe this will help us for years to come!