Case Sealers/Erectors

From large to small cartons, there is an array of Case Sealers and Erectors that can help make the job go smoother. Depending on your operation, you must find the optimal machine for your output, and our ultimate goal is to provide you with just that.

263161289422389Combi 2-EZ® SB
Side Belt Drive Case Erector with Bottom Case Sealer

263161289420802Combi 2-EZ® HS
Case Erector Bottom Case Sealer

281571404761556Combi 2-EZ® XL Series
Case Erector for Large Cases

262361289484373Combi CE-10®
Case Erector Bottom Case Sealer

Pearson CE15

Case Erector CE15
Pearson Packaging

Pearson CE25

Case Erector CE25
Pearson Packaging

Pearson CE35

Case Erector CE35
Pearson Packaging


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