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Over the past few months the world has been dealing with an unprecedented Pandemic in Covid-19. As an essential business, we have worked tirelessly to ensure our employees are protected and safe while also delivering the needs of our clients. YOU have been our priority and you will remain that way. We can’t be certain what the rest of the year will bring but we are certain that we will continue working hard to serve the amazing employees, vendors, and customers that make Premier Packaging possible.

working for premier during covid-19

“Premier helped during COVID-19 by me being
able to work and get a paycheck while
practicing social distancing.”
Timothy Weathers, Master Shipper


“They allowed me to keep working and get
paid so I could pay my bills without worries.”
Ben Kaelin, Junior Inventory Specialist


“Premier has been a great partner for us through the pandemic as we have struggled to get our necessary daily packaging supplies. Premier has gone above and beyond by always being readily available to provide quick solutions to any issues that may arise. The information provided was very helpful and timely. We have been able to make quick and impactful decisions with our packaging that has enabled us to maintain successful in the day to day business.” –  Macy’s

“It is nice having someone you can trust on your side when scaling a business, and Premier is the epitome of just that. Our sales rep, Chris, has also been extremely helpful with obtaining PPE and cleaning supplies for warehouse employees during the COVID pandemic.”
Balance Athletica


WE’re here for you

We understand this is a trying time for any business. If you have any questions about our new processes or how we can help – let us know.

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