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Case Sealers and Erectors

Erect Box, Seal Box, Ship Package

With a machine out there for any size box, you are guaranteed to get the work done in the time frame you need it. Ready to be amazed by the capacity gained from case sealers and erectors?

Box erector building boxes

Case Erectors

A flat piece of corrugated doesn’t mean much until it becomes a fully formed box. Erecting equipment can support operations with random and universal box proportions as well as your specific speed requirements. This equipment is an ideal application for businesses of all sizes and industries. What can you expect? Typically, these products see an immediate improvement in labor costs and production metrics. Think of how many more boxes you could produce simply by placing one of these machines in your facility.

Case erectors in warehouse

Case erector

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Case sealers

Now that you’ve got your box ready and product placed, it’s time to seal it up and ship it out. Case sealers guarantee a properly sealed box ready for transit. In addition to a reduction in labor costs and increased throughput, you can count on a uniformly sealed box leading to a higher quality rating and happy customers. Similar to a case erector, this machinery can be implemented in a semi-manual operation all the way to a completely automated environment. There is truly a solution for every operation.

Check out this case study, where our client experienced a 30% reduction in labor by introducing automation through a case erector and case sealer. Will you be next?

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