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Shrink Systems

Getting smaller never looked so good

Shrink wrap systems are some of the most widely used machines in the retail market today. They can take a product from blah to wow in one pass through.

Close up shrink wrapped bottles

What’s all the shrink about anyway?

What makes shrink film so unique? It actually forms to your product, creating a tight bond that ensures product stays in place. If you aren’t familiar with this, think about the packaging your case of water bottles comes in – that’s shrink film. From the L-bar sealer, side sealer, intermittent, and continuous shrink systems, there is one that can fit any product need. And the great part about shrink is that it molds to your product’s size, no extra work because it does it for you!

Bottles in process of being shrink wrapped

Close up end of shrink roll

Shrink film and your everyday life

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Color me wonderful. Printed shrink and retail packaging

Shrink alone has a very useful job, holding products together in order for them to get to where they are going. However, printed shrink film can create a different experience for the consumer. Branding, pictures, product facts, and just about anything else can be printed on this film. By utilizing this space as a billboard for your messaging, you can create an experience the consumer will want to revisit again and again.

Is shrink bundling the right fit?

Find out what shrink system could be utilized to better package your items and let’s create a plan that’s tailored just for you.

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