Green Solutionsgreen solutions

Premier Packaging recognizes our responsibility to be eco-friendly throughout all of our processes. The Premier Packaging Green Solutions program affects every arm of our business; from how we treat recycling within our own warehouses, production rooms and offices, to how we create products that can be easily recycled by our customers and theirs.

  • 4,588.84 tons of Corrugated material _C9D4433recycled during 2014
  • Waste was reduced from 4.10% to 3.55% in 2014
  • 46.175 tons of PE (polyethylene) foam material recycled during 2014
  • Petroleum products recycling program through our Maintenance Department
  • Scrap metal recycling program through our Maintenance Department
  • Pallet buy back and recycling program through our Shipping Department
  • Electronics recycling program through our I.T. department
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