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eCommerce Packaging

The art of finding the right packaging for the right product

eCommerce is a driving force in our economy, and we are a national leader in helping organizations efficiently manage their distribution operation.

Printed Poly Mailers

The Consumer Experience Rules

When a consumer orders a product online the way it arrives can make or break the consumer experience. How does the outer packaging look, does it marry up with the overall branding of the company. When opening the packaging is it difficult? Messy? Clean and exciting? Lastly, did the product arrive in tact and as expected? These factors all contribute to the experience of interacting with this organization. How are you performing in the eyes of your consumers?

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Do you know your ROI?

Evaluating all factors contributing to the ROI for an eCommerce supply chain can be very beneficial to your bottom line. Material usage, size, freight costs, DIM weight, labor efficiency strategies, automation vs. manual processes, fulfillment accuracy, and warehouse management are elements we evaluate for our customers when working to recommend the best packaging solution.

Proper Package = Financial Savings

Ready to see how the proper packaging modifications can help your business realize financial savings to the bottom line? Check out our case studies to learn more.

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