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Technology Packaging

What do a computer and microchip have in common?

Product care. We treat each item with extreme care knowing that electronics can be tricky to package because they vary in size, weight, and delicacy.

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It’s all in the details

It’s definitely all in the details when it comes to how complex and protective your tech packaging needs to be. With differing standards across businesses and varying item proportions and weights, precise attention is given on how to best guard your product. With multiple options when it comes to protective supplies, you can guarantee your product is in safe hands. So whether you’re shipping one TV at a time, or an entire pallet full of circuit boards, you can ensure it’s safe with us.

Phone packs

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No more replacements, because it arrives right the first time

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Glass or titanium, we make sure it stands up to the test

We believe in validating what we design, so no matter the size of your product, we certify it goes through a rigorous testing process. That way, we eliminate any product loss or damage, because we understand that replacing an expensive electronic isn’t ideal. We will test package after package until the exact outcome is achieved and we know you can ship your product safe and secure.

Don’t just take our word for it

Do you know we get to drop heavy, expensive electronics just to ensure they are properly packaged? It sounds pretty fun and it is. Check out our testing process.

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