Premier Packaging has specialists who understand the in’s and out’s of the special requirements of Medical Packaging. Ambient Shipments have different requirements than 2-8° Celsius shipments. 2-8° shipments vary from Frozen shipments. Our teams of designers and sales professionals understand these differences. We are knowledgeable of these differences and can help you and your team work through what the right configuration is to meet these specifications.

Picture1Medical Packaging is designed to protect HIGH VALUE product throughout the supply chain process.

  • Foam packs for cushioning
  • Gel packs for Temperature Control
  • EPS Foam coolers for insulated shipments.

Premier has you covered.

_C9D9932Because of the sensitive nature of the product, we also specialize in custom labels that convey to carriers the strict requirements of the shipment, special instruction for the shipment and critical information for the shipment.  Specialty printed corner boards to prevent double stacking also allow for superior protection throughout the supply chain.

As a leading distribution, warehousing, and medical packaging company let us create a cost effective, safe and up-to-standard package for your pharmaceuticals.



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