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If you are searching for innovative packaging that is high quality, cost-effective and of course a packaging supplier with high-quality service you can depend on at any given time, Premier Packaging is your answer. Our industrial division has formed alliances with companies that provide our customers with simple packaging solutions to the most complicated packaging application and automation equipment. Once a month, we will feature one of the many products available to make doing business a little easier, efficient and cost-effective.

January: 3M Scotch® RCT Pouch Tapes and Dispensers

Scotch Tape DispenserRegardless of your line of business when you are shipping product to a customer often you will have supporting documentation that will need to accompany the package. The goal is always to find a way to include the documentation while not adding signification time to your fulfillment processes. Allow us to introduce to you the 3M Scotch® RCT Pouch Tapes and Dispensers. The Scotch® Pouch Tapes have a sticky border with a non-tack center for attaching shipping documents, brochures or even product samples to shipping containers. Designed with the printed message:  “DOCUMENTS ENCLOSED”/”DOCUMENTOS ADJUNTOS” pouch is specifically designed to hold to recycled corrugate cartons.

Clients who have implemented this tool have reported an improved throughput of roughly 40% when paired with the M797 and M727 dispensers. A proprietary adhesive used by Scotch® will not rub or pop off therefore reducing delayed or lost packages. Standard sizes for the pouch tapes are 5” x 6”, 5” x 8” or 6” x 8”.  To learn more about this solution please call, or email your Premier Packaging representative for assistance.


December: AirSpeed HC Versa Inflatable Cushioning System

airspeed-thingoLast month we brought you inflatable packaging. This month, it’s an inflatable cushioning system which offers features like:

  • Multiple film choices to maximize performance
  • Easy to load and operate with a simple user interface
  • Fastest machine on the market
  • Proprietary pattern and registered perforation reduces material consumption
  • Compact design support all working environments
  • Where accepted all films are 100% recyclable

 AirSpeed HC Film is a versatile protective packaging solution for a wide variety of customer applications:

  • Clean, clear film and square pattern provides optimum aesthesis
  • Perfect for applications ranging from cushioning, void fill, wrapping, and blocking/bracing
  • Three cushion widths: 12”, 18”, 24” inflated
  • Three cushion heights: Small (3/4”), Medium (1”), Large (1 ¼”)
  • Available in several film grades & formulations
  • Recyclable as category #4 (where accepted)
Are you interested in learning how you can implement the AirSpeed HC Versa Inflatable Cushioning System into your operation? Please call your Premier Packaging Representative to learn more. If you are not currently working with a representative please call 800.518.6305 or you can email your regional representative by clicking here.


November: Inflatable Packaging is Safest Way to Ship

airguardAllow us to introduce you to Airguard Inflatable Packaging. When it comes to protective packaging, this solution is specifically designed  around your product. Utilizing air pillows is known to protect against damage during transit. The utilization of Airguard will include fitting your product for the proper protection and running through robust testing exercises to ensure safety expectations are met. 

Different products require different solutions, and our experts are prepared to help you implement the best, most cost-effective packaging strategy for your organization. Remember, the way your product arrives at a customer’s location does matter. We look forward to helping you ship your products with confidence. 

Call your Premier Packaging partner today to learn more. Don’t have a Premier Packaging Sales Member working for you? Sign Up for a FREE Assessment here or call us at 800-518-6305 and see first-hand why Premier Packaging is THE forward thinking provider for all of your packaging needs.


October: Tape Dispenser for A Cause

3M Scotch H-100 Pink Tape DispenserDid you know that 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime? Premier is partnering with 3M to raise awareness and funds for the National Breast Cancer Foundation. 3M has created limited edition pink tape dispensers for this worthy cause.

Premier is giving away individual pink tape dispensers to our valuable clients. Please call your Premier Packaging Representative to claim your dispenser. In addition, Premier Packaging will make a donation to the National Breast Cancer Foundation ( 

Please remember to conduct your monthly breast self-checks and schedule your annual mammogram (or remind the women in your life to do so).

Breast Cancer Facts



August: Prevent Liquid Leaks With ‘The Gripper’

Gripper2Finally, there is a product to hit the aftermarket to help solve the expensive problem of liquid leaks during shipping. Created by PrintSource Inc., The Gripper® is a time-tested proven strip that not only keeps tops from rattling loose during shipping, but its unique adhesive creates a seal between the top of a container and its cap to help prevent leaks. On top of that, it is easy to remove and doesn’t leave a residue. In every location that The Gripper® has been used, liquid leaks have been significantly reduced or eliminated all together. From solving the leaking liquid problems of a local company over 10 years ago to having UPS refer their customers with the same problem to us, The Gripper® has made its mark on the liquid parcel industry. Every year The Gripper saves companies ranging in size from private individuals to multi-national corporations tens of thousands of dollars in shipping charge backs. Best of all, The Gripper® is easy to use.

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August: Prevent Liquid Leaks With ‘The Gripper’

Gripper2Finally, there is a product to hit the aftermarket to help solve the expensive problem of liquid leaks during shipping. Created by PrintSource Inc., The Gripper® is a time-tested proven strip that not only keeps tops from rattling loose during shipping, but its unique adhesive creates a seal between the top of a container and its cap to help prevent leaks. On top of that, it is easy to remove and doesn’t leave a residue. In every location that The Gripper® has been used, liquid leaks have been significantly reduced or eliminated all together. From solving the leaking liquid problems of a local company over 10 years ago to having UPS refer their customers with the same problem to us, The Gripper® has made its mark on the liquid parcel industry. Every year The Gripper saves companies ranging in size from private individuals to multi-national corporations tens of thousands of dollars in shipping charge backs. Best of all, The Gripper® is easy to use.

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May: Sealed Air FloWraptm

FLEXIBLE PROTECTION FAST! A powerful solution for the high-volume, high-demand e-commerce market, the FloWrap™ Automated Mailer System creates ready-to-ship, custom-sized polybag packages at a rate of up to 30 packs per minute (or more) – significantly faster than manual operations and faster than any other available automated packaging systems.


Interested in learning more? Please fill out the form below or call us at 800-518-6305.


March: MINI PAK’R® Air Cushion Machine

mini pakr

The MINI PAK’R® air cushion machine is a compact system that creates seven different sized air cushions for protecting shipped products.

  • Offers the small shipper the advantages long-enjoyed by large industrial shippers, superior product protection, ease of operation and cost-savings without having to deal with packing peanuts.
  • Saves companies money on shipping and storage costs associated with packaging products.
  • Makes lighter, fuller inflatable packaging on-demand replacing premade bubble, loosefill and paper.
  • Proven to help reduce damage claims.
  • Ideal for small businesses shipping 1-150 boxes per day.
  • Designed with smart technology – reads type of air cushions loaded; automatically sets correct air-fill and sealing temperature.
  • Air cushions are made from 100% recyclable material, reduce waste by being 99% air, and can be reused.

See their website for more information

February: Sealed Air e-Cube® System

  • The e-Cube® void reduction system automatically creates right-sized packaging for a wide variety of industries.  Ideal for companies that ship anywhere from 300 to 3,000 boxes per day.
  • The e-Cube® reduces or eliminates the need for void-fill, reducing the cost of packaging materials, and creating a more sustainable carbon footprint for any fulfillment operations.
  • The e-Cube® takes precise measurements of the height of the contents, scores and folds the excess corrugated and seals the flaps automatically creates a perfect fit.
  • Variable heights, multiple SKUs – the e-Cube® accommodates a wide variety of variables and creates the perfect package for every order.
  • When packages are right-sized to reduce or eliminate void, the cost of freight is reduced along with the space on the truck, resulting in a more sustainable environmental footprint.
  • The 100% corrugated package is “curb-side” recyclable and customers around the globe can recycle e-Cube® boxes anywhere, anytime.



December: Gift Supplies

Gift-Wrap1-300x200Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Now’s the time to start planning for your holiday season of 2016. Did you know Premier Packaging handles a wide variety of holiday wrapping, gift boxes, tissue, paper, and bows?! Easily turn your gift wrap operation into a profit center. Contact your Premier Representative about your options today! Enjoy the rest of this year and don’t forget to start planning for next year! Purchase your gift wrap in advance and save your holiday next year!



November: IPG Tandem Bagging System



Tandem bagging sysIPG®’s Tandem™ works directly with existing bagging equipment. The Tandem™ seals, perforates and opens Tandem™ film. The Tandem™ converted film enters the bagging machine exactly like traditional pre-opened bags. Bag lengths are adjustable from three inches to infinite, maximizing your savings potential. The patent-pending Tandem™ will match the speed of any bagging machine.Tandem

Tandem™ films offer superior strength, clarity, and performance. Tandem™ film rolls are two or three times longer than conventional pre-opened bagson-a-roll. Consolidate all your same width bags into one Tandem™ film SKU and save money by eliminating the premium price of small run bags. This reduces roll changeover time, improves production efficiencies, and reduces inventory space.

October: Geospeed Quantum XF

Pregis has gone the distance in creating the most recent in innovations for paper packaging systems. The new Geospeed Quantum boasts eco-friendliness, increased productivity, minimized jams, and cost-effectiveness. The newest in their line of paper packaging products, this is sure to make your packaging life easier.

• User Friendly: intuitive design, simple controls, quick and easy paper loading.
• Fast: industry leading 150” per second of output!
• Durable: made in the USA with long lasting parts.
• Portable: lightweight and easy to move.
• Optimal Ergonomics: simple adjust-ability of machine height, paper dispense angle, roll position, and run speed allows the operator to configure the system to comfortably fit their needs.
• Versatile: can be used on a floor stand or mounted directly to a pack  table, making it a perfect fit in tight pack stations or next to a conveyor.

The GeoSpeed Quantum XF fills the void for a user-friendly paper system with unmatched reliability in higher volume operations.  Advanced features include:

• Power tear assist: Bladeless tear assist keeps operators safe and  increases productivity.
• Feed to length feature: Allows operator to set machine to dispense paper  of varying lengths.  Controls paper consumption, simplifies training and insures proper amount of protection.
• Optional Multi-stack accessory: Multiple rolls of paper to continuously feed machine.

Download the PDF for more


September: Thermal Protective Envelopes

thermal envelopesMP Global’s Thermal Envelopes are an environmentally preferred foam-free temperature controlled mailers which consist of a tough waterproof outer film covering a thick layer of exclusive enhanced cotton insulation. This natural super-insulating material is tested and found to be completely biodegradable in less than one year as verified by ASTM D-6400 and in accordance with the 2013 FTC Green Guidelines. The proprietary inner and outer protective poly films also contain a patented additive that promotes biodegradation in a landfill environment in greater than one year.

Sandwiched between the layers of this special poly film is a thick flexible insulation pad made from recycled, purified, and flocked enhanced cotton textiles. These biodegradable cotton fibers offer outstanding insulation value and also help to absorb unwanted condensation from thawing gel packs or accidental spills as the liquid can migrate through the perforated inner poly liner of the envelope. A special antimicrobial is added to the fibers that will aid in the prevention of cross-contamination and offer additional protection in cases of multiple uses.  MP Global’s Thermal Envelopes are available in three sizes and three thicknesses, or they can be custom sized and printed to meet your exact needs.

  • Ultra-Insulating – thick cushioning textile fibers are encapsulated between layers of protective poly film.
  • Double Self Sealing Tape Closure
  • Patented Cotton Enhanced Insulation is biodegradable and meets the ASTM D-6400 test for biodegradability and current FTC Green Guidelines
  • Inner and outer protective poly film contains an additive that promotes biodegradation in landfill environments
  • Perforated inner liner offers protection from accidental spills or unwanted gel pack condensation by allowing liquids to pass through to the absorbing fibers of the insulated padding
  • EPA approved antimicrobial additive provides extra cross-contamination protection
  • Sustainability – environmentally preferable biodegradable insulating fibers, contains no foam products or other harmful contaminants
  • Reduced Freight Costs – unique gusseted flat envelope design allows for increased content space while utilizing a smaller dimensional weight (DIM weight) compared to cubical box shipments.

For more on this specific product, please take a look at the informational PDF.

August: Tach-It Printwiz Tape-Guns



Tach-It’s Printwiz is an exclusive Print-on-Demand Hand-Held Tape Gun. As imprint is applied to the adhesive side of the tape, there is no dry time or smearing of the image and the image transfers to the carton creating security tape. Image can be fixed with either a custom or standard plate or variable with plug in font.

This is the only hand-held tape gun in the industry that creates printed tape on demand. Able to print logos or custom information using a pre-made plate or variable information, the imprint created is placed on the adhesive side of the tape so there is no smearing or dry time and the image transfers to the corrugated creating security tape. Once applied to the corrugated, tape printed with the Tach-It Printwiz can not be cut, removed or over-laid without evidence. The Printiwz Tape Guns are available for both 2in. wide and 3in. wide tape and is also available for mounting into automated case sealing equipment.

Watch this informational video for more on how to use this GREAT product!

July: IPG AUTO H2O – Semi-Automatic WAT Case Sealer

IPG AUTO H2OIt is widely acknowledged that a case sealed with water-activated tape has the most secure closure. Due to changes in the corrugate industry, the need for a bond that will stick to high-recycled content corrugate to provide a more secure closure has created a demand for an automated water activated case sealer. Through innovation and technology, Interpack™ has developed a wateractivated case sealer that addresses all the previous unfulfilled needs of the market.

  • High throughput speeds
  • Low maintenance
  • Low cost


  • Twin ⅓ HP UL approved gear motors process heavy cases for 24/7 operation
  • New patent pending roller-style adhesive activation technology self cleans for less maintenance
  • Double wipe down of tape legs, triple wipe down of center seam
  • Adjustable tape leg lengths
  • 5000′ long roll tape capability
  • Slide & lock case height adjustment for quick case size set up
  • Water heats to 110°F
  • Side belt drive captures the case between two moving belts for processing stability
  • Can process 2” or 3” wide WAT
  • Easy tape head access for routine maintenance

For more on this specific product, download the PDF or watch the video below:

IPG AUTO H2O WAT Case Sealer

May: Highlight’s Spiral Fantom Stretch Wrapper

Tspiral-fantom-stretch-wrapper-01he Spiral Fantom goes anywhere to wrap anything! Comfortable foam grips, variable height adjustment using a counterbalance system, and four swivel casters – all combine to make the Spiral Fantom easy to use.

Highlight’s patented film tensioning system, Stretch Set™, insures the film stretch will be precisely controlled for maximum load integrity and film economy.

The Spiral Fantom’s unique design allows the user to wrap loads to within an inch and a half (1½”) from the ground, and spiral up to 65 inches high. The load can be unitized with the pallet, assuring the product will stay together all the way to its destination. The Spiral Fantom accepts 12″ to 18″ handwrap. Any size and any weight load can be wrapped.

Highlight Industries Fantom Stretch Wrapper


Most pressure-sensitive tapes take time to develop a “destructive” bond when applied to a porous substrate surface. Water-activated tapes bond instantly to both virgin and recycled fiber (corrugated caron, paper, etc.) surfaces and therefore, generate an immediate destructive bond resulting in a tamper evident package.

From advanced computerized coating to new high strength composites and adhesives, IPG’s water-activated tapes offer superior performance for:

  • Sealing
  • Identification
  • Core starting
  • Paper
  • Security control
  • Many other uses


  • Aggressive Bond – starch-based adhesive aggressively bonds to corrugated cartons, even in dusty or dirty environments.
  • Kind to the Environment – paper tapes are 100% recyclable and repulpable, as well as 100% biodegradable.
  • Available in Various Colors & Patterns – ideal for organizing your stock and rotating your inventory
  • Custom Imprinting – advertise your company and products, provide directions for freight handlers and improve the appearance of your package.
  • Protection – a carton sealed with paper tape cant be opened without leaving a broken seal.
See which one is faster, WAT or PST, in this video:

March: Restore® Mushroom® Packaging

MarchMarch’s product of the month is the Restore® Mushroom® Packaging from Sealed Air. This all natural packaging product is actually a home compo-stable solution that’s grown, not manufactured. Custom engineered designs allow this product to perform much like poly based foams and plastics.

Features and Benefits:

  • Packaging can be easily molded to conform to almost any product.March 3
  • Restore™ packaging will protect your products from the harsh environment of the shipping and distribution cycle
  • Custom-engineered designs provide the right amount of protection using the least amount of material
  • Completely biodegradable and home compo stable, allowing for easy and environmentally sound disposal.
  • Made from 100% renewable materials using a low-energy process

Watch the video below or download the PDF.

February: 3M Multipack Systems

February’s product of the month is the 3M Multipack which is a tape based alternative to shrink wrap and manual packout operations. It is a faster and greener solution that creates cost savings with a more attractive product. The material is designed to be very printable at the highest level of standards.multipack

Some of the features of the Multipack solution are:

  • Energy-efficient machines reduce costs
  • Enhanced production speed and throughput
  • Simply implemented into any production line.
  • Repositionable Tape enables customers to remove it without damaging the primary packaging.
  •  It uses less material than shrink wrap for a greener solution
  • Does not mask the branding on the original packaging

For detailed information, please download the brochure. OR watch the video here.

January: IPG Ripcord™ Carton Sealing Tape

January’s product of the month is the The Intertape Polymer Group RIPCORD carton sealing tape, a knife-freepackaging solution. Utility knives and box cutters are common in today’s workplace, often leading to employee injuries, missed days of work, expensive claims and product damage. RipCord™ is a new technology that requires no cutting tools. It protects the user and the valuable content of your packages! Innovative tape head technology works in conjunction with a case sealing machine, applying cord under the carton sealing tape during the taping cycle, and leaving a tab for fast, safe access to the package contents.
Please see video to the right on how product is properly used and download this informational PDF.

December: Sealed Air Korrvu Standard Pack ProgramDec POM photo 2

December’s product of the month is the The Sealed Air Korrvu suspension and retention packs where they have designed nine standard packs for various products.

The Korrvu packaging standard designs provide proven product protection and maximum versatility in ten standard sizes for a fast and easy start. Featuring Korrvu retention and Korrvu suspension packaging designs, Dec POM photothe standard program offers short lead times for Korrvu packaging inserts and outer cartons, no setup fees, tooling or additional equipment required.

For more information visit the manufacturer’s page or download their PDF.

Product Description Assembled Size Suggested Uses
Standard 1 Retention   7.5″ × 5.5″ × 2″ Hard drives, small circuit boards, cell phones, cameras, meters & gauges, handheld computers
Standard 2 Retention 11″ × 8″ × 2″ Circuit boards, books & videos, accessories, cables, replacement parts, awards & plaques
Standard 3 Retention 14″ × 12″ × 2.75″ Motherboards, circuit boards, CD ROM drives, hand-held electronics, computer peripherals, replacement parts
Standard 4 Laptop Pack 17″ × 17″ × 8″ Laptop computers
Standard 5 Retention 12″ × 10″ × 5″ Spare parts, electronic assemblies, drives, power supplies, hand held electronics
Standard 6 Suspension 12″ × 10″ × 5″ Digital cameras, consumer electronics, drives, measuring equipment, optics, glass, ceramics
Standard 7 Retention 11.5″ × 2.375″ × 13.25″ Fits FedEx medium box and USPS priority mail box 0-1097. Electronics, circuit boards, framed photos, books, CDs, gifts
Standard 8 Retention 12.5″ × 3″ × 17.5″ Fits FedEx large box, large circuit boards, gifts, award plaques, books, electronics
Standard 9 Retention 18.875″ × 16.875″ × 5″ 15″ and 17″ laptop computers, consumer electronics.
Standard 10 Korrvu® Hybrid™ 12″ × 10″ × 5″ For higher levels of cushioning protection when packaging lightweight, fragile components like small to mid-sized electronics, PCB, tablets or cameras. Combines cost benefits of Retention packaging with performance characteristics

November: Automated Packaging Autofulfillment Sprint System


The automated fulfillment process starts with the inline system delivering a pre-opened SidePouch® mailbag to the operator workstation. This machine holds the bag open in a box-like position for easy loading. At the same time, the shipping label is automatically printed, applied and verified. An optional, programmable collator/inserter is designed to deliver catalogs, literature or other promotional items to the operator for hand inserting into the bag, while an optional inline printer produces the packing slip or invoice, and automatically inserts it into the bag. The operator then cycles the bagger by scanning the next product to be loaded, triggering automatic sealing of the previously loaded and labeled bag. As that bag passes through the sealing area, the system closes out the order, while the next bag is presented for loading. A 3-point scanning verification process ensures order and shipping accuracy. The system scans and verifies the product SKU, invoice and shipping label for a positive match on all three points before the package is sealed and released.


The ergonomic design and small footprint of the Autofulfillment Sprint easily integrates into existing packing and shipping areas. Each field-proven, modular component is designed into the system for easy serviceability. The touch-screen control panel includes comprehensive reporting and monitoring functions, including productivity per hour, per shift, and per product line. This system is supported by technical phone support to keep it running at peak performance, and features remote diagnostic capabilities, all while backed by the industry’s largest field service organization and monitoring functions, including productivity per hour, per shift, and per product line.

OPERATIONAL BENEFITSNov screen capture 3

  • Automates the order fulfillment process to increase productivity and reduce costs
  • Modular and customizable components provide for flexible configurations and expansion for growth
  • Easy to use operating system simplifies job changeovers
  • Stabilizes and reduces labor requirements for both on- and off-peak seasons
  • Multi-point verification ensures accuracy in single 0r multiple item orders


      • Apparel/Sportswear
      • Shoes
      • Sporting Goods
      • Automotive Parts
      • Lawn & Garden
      • Pet Supplies
      • Printed Materials

For more, download the manufacturer’s PDF.

 September: LABELMATE’s Semi-Automatic Label Dispensers

September’s product of the month is LABELMATE’s line of semi-automatic label dispensers.  These dispensers create a hands free environment for the task of manually applying labels to products and packages. They are also time-saving and help to create a clutter free environment for the workstation.


  • LABELMATE’S full line of label dispensers provide consistent, high precision and accurate labeling solutions to a wide range of applications and materials.
  • The Photo Sensor Technology integrated in label dispensers are able to handle virtually any size, shape and Labelmate Imagematerial, including die-cut parts.
  • They are ideal for all types of pressure sensitive labels including packaging labels, identification labels, bottle labels, clear labels, RFID labels and more.
  • They are significantly faster than peeling labels by hand.

Fast and Easy Label Dispensing

LABELMATE products automatically peel and present self-adhesive labels one at a time. It replaces manual label peeling, making your production lines faster and more efficient. LABELMATE is robust and reliable, assembled in the USA of heavy-duty sheet metal and machined steel. It is also one of the few label dispensers available with UL, UL-C, CE listings, FCC approval and RoHS compliance.  Below is a list of features for the LABLEMATE dispenser:

  • Automatically peels labels from its liner and advances labels
  • Will dispense labels and die-cut parts
  • Easy to use – no screws or clamps to adjust
  • Full range of motion
  • Left or right justification of labels is not necessary; operator can adjust to the most convenient position
  • High-precision, reliable micro-switch activation
  • Nothing to clean or get dirty; works with virtually any label
  • Photo sensor Accuracy and Reliability
  • LED display counter for labels dispensed
  • Universal Power Supply

For a detailed product information sheet on the LABELMATE semi-automatic label dispenser, please click here. To view a video of this month’s product of the month, please click here.

August: 3M Scotch Pad Carry Handles

Carry Handle App 1_E3M Carry Handles are a convenience vehicle to enhance portability for packaging and an innovative media for marketing. They capture customer attention and add new branding dimension to logo displays, coupon offers, seasonal and holiday sales displaying UPC codes. Made of a strong, reliable carrier backing that has a powerful adhesive at each end, 3M Carry   Handles can be simply and quickly affixed to a wide range of consumer products and special multi-packs for convenient, on-handed carrying. They feature a printable surface that billboards attention grabbing four-color graphics. 3M Carry Handles are available in a variety of configurations including custom sixes. When properly applies to a suitable surface, some 3M Carry Handles can lift up to 50 pounds. Once your customers get a hold of this idea, they won’t want to let go. The conveniences helps build customer loyalty, repeat purchase and bigger profits.

Features and Benefits:33633_BagManf

  • Creates synergy between products
  • They provide the same level of functionality as traditional bags but with a fraction of the material. In fact, they canreduce plastic waste by up 97%.
  • Store branding, advertising messages, coupon offers, holiday sales, in-store events—if you can imagine it, you can print it on 3M™ Carry Handles. They’re a great way to get your messages and branding directly into your customers’ hands. 3M™ Carry Handles are also available in a variety of standard lengths and widths for even greater customization
  • It’s fast and easy to make almost anything transportable with 3M™ Carry Handles—from awkward
  • Packages and heavy beverage packs, to small gift boxes, your customers will thank you!

To view a 3M Product Sheet, please click here.  To view a video of the 3M Scotch Pad Carry Handles, please click here.

July: Slice Ceramic Cutting Tools

The July product of the month is the Slice ceramic award winning cutting tools.  This new ceramic blade features the following:10404-box-cutter-replacement-blade-1-479x479

  • rounded edges for safety
  • a thicker blade for easier and safer handling
  • stays sharp up to 10x longer than steel
  • never rustsslice-ceramic-blade-box-cutter-xl
  • non-conductive/non-sparking

Made from pure Zirconium Oxide ZrO2, the single Slice ceramic blade is equivalent to up to 20 single-edge metal blades.  The safe and clean ceramic technology provides a sharper and safer cutting experience resulting in less blade changes and less expense.  Who doesn’t want to reduce the instance of injuries and save money in the process?  To learn more about the Slice ceramic blade and the full line of Slice products, click here to view a PDF.  For an entertaining look at the Slice product line, click here.

 June: Combi Packaging Systems Robotic Pick and Place 

Robot ErgopackIncreased global competition is driving leaner operating efficiency in today’s manufacturing plants. To gain efficiencies, robots are being used more frequently in more and more plants for case packing and palletizing because of the increased throughput, vision and cost savings today’s robotic technology offers.  These same plants are finding that human workers can work right alongside robots, with proper guarding, as they each perform a task for which they are best suited.

In partnership with robotic automation provider Motion Control Robotics, Combi Packaging Systems offers a Robotic Pick and Place Packing feature to fully automate case packing operations that may require verifying lot or serialization numbers, varying pack counts, creating retail ready packages, or automating tasks that are difficult or unsafe for humans. robot-pack-station-20716

For greater flexibility and greater throughput, Ergopack Hand Packing Stations can be retrofitted with a robotic packing unit. The Fanuc robot can be used during times when hand packing is unavailable or impractical. Combi can convert your semi-automatic Ergopack Hand Packing Station into a fully automated robotic system with visual capabilities. Extend the useful life of your Ergopack picking station with a Fanuc robotic packing arm that expands its case packing capabilities while still being able to use it for occasional manual hand packing.  It simply requires you to open the guarding doors, park the robot, and take advantage of the ergonomic advantages of hand packing cases with the Combi Ergopack.

To view a more detailed information about this product, please click here to download a PDF from the manufacturer. To view a video of this month’s product of the month, please click here.

 May: ShockWatch Indicators

May’s product of the Month comes from ShockWatch which manufactures a line of products which detect impact, tilt and temperature variances for products and shipments.  Ultimately their products create a saving by preventing product loss, claims and labor savings.  We will focus this month on the impact indicators. flexThe Shockwatch impact indicator is a highly-visible device that will activate when an impact level exceeds a predetermined level. Mounted on a packaging container, the device visually alerts everyone involved in the package handling process that additional care is required. shockwatch03

There are 3 types of ShockWatch impact indicators for packaging: 

Label – A single-use device, available in five sensitivities. Designed around a proprietary tube that can also be affixed directly to a package, the Label is ShockWatch’s flagship device.

ShockWatch 2 – A single-use, go/no-go device that determines if fragile products have been dropped during transit or in storage. The indicators are field-armable, tamperproof devices that turn bright red when an impact beyond a specific threshold has occurred.

Mag 2000 – A resettable, reusable indicator intended for large crates and shipments weighing over 500 pounds. MAG 2000 records the direction and angle of impact. The feature and benefits of ShockWatch product line are:

  • Reduces mishandling incurred during transportation or storage
  • Provides indisputable evidence of mishandlingDropSpot-300x300
  • Acts as a visual deterrent to improper handling
  • Alerts recipient to inspect contents before acceptance
  • Promotes chain of accountability for all product handling
  • Confirms effectiveness of packaging
  • Helps identify trouble spots in supply chain, from production to transportation and storage
  • Helps increase quality of product from dock to dock
To view a more detailed information about this product, please click here to download a PDF from the manufacturer.

April’s Product of the Month is the 3M 7000r Case Sealer 3M has been manufacturing case sealers for over 40 years. This year they will be unveiling several changes to the case sealer line up.   The most significant change in the case sealer will be to their 700r case sealer platform.  The case sealers that we have come to know as the 700r and 700rks will be re-introduced as the 7000r.   The 7000r’s features will be a combination of both of these machines with added features such as a photo eye detection for faster and more accurate centering and height detection.  Other improvements will be the machines ability to accept 2” or 3” tape.  Also the case This advanced technology case sealer is an ideal solution for top and bottom sealing of random-sized cases. Automatically adjusting to both case height and width, the 3M-Matic™ Random Case Sealer 7000r Pro can handle up to 24 different case sizes per minute.

      • Features photo non-contact box detection for centering and electro-mechanical height adjustment



      • Randomly adjusts to handle multiple box sizes



      • Interchangeable with 2” or 3” tape heads



      • Top and bottom belt drive for positive box conveying



      • Rugged construction with 16-gauge welded steel frame and powder coat paint finish


To view a more detailed information about this product, please click here to download a PDF from the manufacturer. For more information about this and other great products, please contact your Premier Packaging Sales Representative or call us at 800-518-6305.

March’s Product of the Month is the Thiele Technologies’TM  Streamfeeder Product Line The March Product of the Month is the Thiele Technologies’ Streamfeeder product line which offers automation solutions to the commercial printing, contract packaging, mailing & fulfillment and pharmaceutical industries. Whether it’s a single friction feeder, placer, tray denester or a complete integrated system, they take the confusion out of the most challenging production automation problems for the best value. Considerable cost savings can be achieved through the use of automation of document and product insertion. By automating this traditionally manual task, employee time can be reallocated to more critical jobs that will result in significant labor savings and highly accurate results, free of human error. In today’s market, everything from paper to catalogs to reply cards to DVD’s and warranty cards are required to be inserted with customer orders during the packaging process. Thiele’s product line ranges from a simple standalone feeder for under $10,000 dollars as well custom systems that will perform date coding, barcoding and reading, camera verification, batch counting and accumulation. The industries that benefit from the automation along with some typical product uses are: PharmaceuticalCommercial PrintingKitting and Assembly  Information SheetsGreeting Cards Parts  ID CodesMarketing Materials Labels  Bar CodesCatalogs and Books Poly Bags       Mail ProcessingManufacturing E-Commerce  Credit Cards Owner’s Manuals Gift Cards  Membership Cards Warranty Cards Promotional Materials  Letters Setup Instructions Customer Feedback Cards      ClamshellsLabels Consumer ProductsCoupon InsertionInstruction SheetsClamshell Cards


Food and Beverage
Meat Trays

To view a video of the Thiele Technologies’ Streamfeeder product line, click here: To view a comprehensive brochure on the Thiele Technologies’ Streamfeeder product line, click here. For more information about this and other great products, please contact your Premier Packaging Sales Representative or call us at 800-518-6305. _______________________________________________________________________________________ February’s Product of the Month is the Sealed Air Fill-Air RocketTM Inflatable Void Fill System and Fill-Air Extreme EfficiencyTM film. 

The February product of the month is actually two new items from Sealed Air Corporation. The new Sealed Air Rocket inflatable void fill system along with their Fill-Air Extreme Efficiency film.  The Rocket is an improvement over past systems, being faster, more quiet and space saving. The Fill Air Efficiency film has made strides in cost savings when it comes to lighter weight packages and is a greener solution with material reduction and recyclability.


Features and Benefits:
      • Compatible with 8-inch, 10-inch and 12-inch film widths and lengths of 5 inches and 8 inches, the Void-FillFill-Air Rocket system is designed for use with Sealed Air’s Fill-Air Extreme and Fill-Air Extreme Efficiency inflatable void-fill film.



      • The Fill-Air Rocket system has a compact footprint (less than 1.5 sq. ft.) that makes it ideal for tabletop placement in decentralized environments. The system is fast enough to deliver packaging on-demand, but material can also be batched into bins and even delivered via our Jet Stream® delivery solution to feed multiple packers. An integrated, on-board, auto-replenishment sensor can be used to maintain a consistent supply of material at all times.



      • Speed: The Fill-Air Rocket system produces 100 feet of inflatable void fill cushions per minute in a variety of sizes — fast enough to keep up with the most demanding packaging operations. The system creates bags instantaneously, operating at maximum capacity the moment it is turned on.



      • The Rocket’s instant start mechanism effectively triples bag production during the first 20 seconds of operation versus the Fill-Air Cyclone system and in some cases eliminates the need for void-fill accumulation,  and possibly bins and overhead systems. The Rocket Inflatable void fill packaging system is 50% faster than its predecessor model the Cyclone.



      • Space:  The Rocket has a smaller footprint to save valuable space on pack stations and work areas. Along with theFillAir Extreme possibility removing bins and overhead systems make this system stand out from others.



      • The new Fill-Air Efficiency Film has 40% more film per roll over the regular Fill Air Extreme which will eliminate change outs for the end user, improving productivity.



      • The Efficiency Film also creates positive effects with freight reduction by putting more packaging on a roll/pallet/truck. Ultimately reducing fuel use and emissions.



      • Green: Produced of a hybrid film Sealed Air is able to construct a quality air pillow and still us less material. Sealed Air is proud to partner with Our Fill-Air Extreme Efficiency™ bags can now be recycled at local store drop off locations nationwide. Visit for more information.



*To view a video of the high-speed void fill system, click here:
*Click to download the Sealed Air Fill-Air RocketTM inflatable void fill system information and spec sheet.
*Click to download the Fill-Air Extreme EfficiencyTM film information and spec sheet.
For more information about this and other great products, please contact your Premier Packaging Sales Representative or call us at 800-518-6305.

_______________________________________________________________________________________ January’s Product of the Month is the PACjacket3®

The January product of the month is the new PAC Worldwide PACjacket3® System. This system allows you to create poly-bubble mailers on-demand.  As you may know, there is change in the market to utilize mailers in place of corrugated when possible to gain the following benefits:
      • Lower shipping cost



    • Reduction/Removal of Void-Fill



    • Space Saving



    • Time Saving


PACjacket3With the automated PACjacket3® System these benefits are enhanced even greater with the following attributes:

      • Small equipment footprint – the system can be used as a stand-alone system or integrated into a fully automated conveyor line.



      • Speed – the PACjacket3® system can cycle at 15 to 20 packages per minute which creates a significant cost savings in labor reduction.



      • Labeling – the System has print and apply labeling capability which creates a time saving and reduction of labor.



      • Single Roll Technology – the new single roll technology allows the machine to operate off of a single roll of poly bubble material. Previous systems required two rolls that took up space and required an additional seal on the package. With the reduction in seals in this system the package is more secure than other systems.



      • Faster Seal – the system utilizes Heat Seal technology vs. Cold Seal for a faster more accurate seal.



      • Green – the energy used and greenhouse gas emissions are considerably less on a poly bubble mailer vs. a corrugated carton.  The PACjacket3® poly mailers are 100% recyclable.


See the comparison of boxes vs. bags here. To view a video of the PACjacket3® System, click here: To download the complete the PACjacket3® System information and spec sheet, click  here: PACjacket3 sales piece. For more information about this and other great products, please contact your Premier Packaging Sales Representative or call us at 800-518-6305.   _______________________________________________________________________________________ December’s Product of the Month is the Duplexpackslip®.  The Premier Packaging Product of the Month is the Duplexpackslip®.  This all-in-one, two-sided combination label features a shipping label on the top side and a confidential packing slip on the bottom side. Many of our E-commerce customers are exploring this technology that allows them to print a shipping and packing list label at the same time as a means to improve process and warehouse efficiency.  Utilizing the Duplexpackslip® is possible with the use of new printers that utilize two printheads working simultaneously to print both the shipping address and packing list. The two-sided printing option allows for a “no touch” packing slip solution, less labor, more throughput, a lower total cost and provides a green solution to your warehouse system. Some additional benefits provided by the Duplexpackslip®: 1. Eliminate the expensive and labor intense “Packing List Enclosed” plastic pouch 2. Stop Customer Complaints: “No packing slip sent with order.” 3. Increase accuracy with 100% Shipping Label & Packing Slip match 4. Increase order throughput with more orders shipped by fewer employees 5. Reduce number of touches per order filled 6. Fast, simple, easy handling (no folding) for the distribution center & the recipient 7. One printer VS two printers to maintain 8. One consumable product to inventory compared to four products in order to ship boxes: One Duplexpackslip® label vs. (1) 4×6 Shipping Label, (2) 8.5 x 11 Packing Slip Paper, (3) “Packing List Enclosed” Plastic Pouch, (4) Toner for Packing Slips 9. Going Green: much smaller carbon footprint (saves 16.2 lbs per 1,000 boxes shipped) 10. Lower total cost system Screen shot 2013-12-12 at 10.17.17 AMFor more information about the Duplexpackslip®, please contact your Premier Packaging representative or call us directly at 800-518-6305.   _______________________________________________________________________________________ November’s Product of the month is the Sealed Air PakNatural.  Screen shot 2013-11-05 at 1.19.42 PMPakNatural is a versatile and moldable cushioning bag made from renewable materials that is certified biodegradable and compostable.   PakNatural Performance: • Superior cushioning performance • Contours to the shape of your product • Minimizes product migration and settlingPak Natural BioD • No scratching or abrasion • Quick, easy and mess-free  • Ready to use and reliable: no equipment required   • Reusable   • Lightweight, reduces shipping cost   PakNatural  Sealed Air PakNatural Biodegradable Features:  For detailed information regarding PakNatural’s biodegradable capabilities, click here to DOWNLOAD. For more information about this product or any other high-quality product provided by Premier Packaging and our partners, please contact us.