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Corrugated Boxes

What’s in a box?

Start with a solid foundation and everything else will follow. The same goes when building a box – create a sturdy base and what you can do with it is endless.

Corrugated Sheets

You can stop calling it cardboard now

Did you know the box industry began with moving companies? When moving from one place to another, people needed a way to pack a whole lot of stuff while also making it easily mobile. So came the brown box. Today, a box is so much more than just a vessel for objects. They can tell a story, protect an heirloom, or carry a message across the world. Having a solid box to do any of these things is vital to any operation. It’s time to place box-making in the correct hands.

Boxes on conveyor

View into a custom printed box

Create an experience for your customer, one they won’t soon forget.

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Bring new meaning to ‘first impressions are everything’

You know the saying a picture is worth a thousand words? Well, our custom corrugated boxes are kind of the same thing, but on a much larger scale. With custom die-cuts, box dimensions will be exactly how you envisioned them. Plus, four color printing is available on the outside and inside of any box, so options for design, branding, and messaging are limitless. Create an experience for your customer that makes them come back to you time and time again. Let your box do the talking.

Is your packaging saying enough?

Change the landscape by taking the brown box to the next-level
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