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Packaging Testing

Step One Design, Step Two Testing

Testing ensures execution. A stunning design means nothing if a product cannot travel from point A to point B if product requirements are not met.

Close up of drop test controller

What does testing mean to us?

Testing is the backbone of what makes our products the best in the industry. We have the design expertise to create beautiful packaging to meet the brand standards, we are material neutral to meet the expectations of the client, and we test everything to ensure the quality is safe and sound. Our team would not be considered one of the best if it were not for the rigorous testing we perform in our lab.

Smashed box vs. good box

Quality Control graphic

Learn more about how testing can save the day for your products.

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Shake, rattle, and roll

Our test lab was established with the top of the line equipment to simulate the vibrations a product is subjected to during the distribution and transportation process. Once a product leaves your facility it must survive on its own until it reaches its final destination. Our testing lab allows us to confidently determine if a package is ready to face the shakes, rattles, temperature fluctuations, potential drops, and anything else life throws its way. When we say yes, you should feel confident.

What can we test for you?

Allow our team to test a packaging design for you. Send us your current packaging and we will provide a testing assessment.

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